Tips for eating healthy during the holidays

Tips for eating healthy during the holidays

During the holiday season, chances are you'll be involved in many parties and celebrations. While these are wonderful ways to catch up with friends and family, they can also pose problems for people trying to eat healthy. Don't let your temptations get the best of you – use these tips to maintain good nutrition this season. 

1. Set aside time for exercise 
No matter how disciplined you are with your diet throughout the rest of the year, there's no doubt about it – you'll want to indulge at least a little during the holidays. In order to prevent weight gain, which can negatively affect joint, heart, brain and overall wellbeing, make sure you carve out some time to exercise. California Pacific Medical Center also noted that being active is a great way to relieve tension-inducing stress – an added bonus for this time of the year. If you don't know how to begin an exercise regimen, start by taking two 15 minute walks each day. 

2. Eat before you attend a gathering 
It sounds counterintuitive to eat a snack before going to food-filled festivities, but arriving on an empty stomach will inevitably cause you to overeat. Cleveland Clinic suggested having a serving of fruit or nuts right before you leave for a celebration – without severe hunger being your main motivator, you'll be able to focus more clearly on the healthy food options available and more likely to use good judgment in avoiding the bad ones. 

Don't let temptation cause you to stray from your healthy diet this holiday season.

3. Think before you eat 
It's tempting to load up your plate with a little bit of everything, but being strategic about approaching the dinner options will leave you with a far healthier meal. CPMC recommended taking as many fruit and vegetables as you can to create a balanced meal. After you've sampled those, make a few selections based on what you enjoy – just be sure to pay attention to healthy portion sizes. 

4. Don't drink your calories 
Seasonal beverages and alcoholic drinks can certainly be enjoyed in moderation throughout the holiday season, but make sure you're paying attention. If you're truly thirsty, reach for some water – fruit juices and sodas are full of sugar and won't satisfy like regular H2O. CPMC noted that not only are alcoholic drinks also high in sugar and calories, but they can affect your judgment, making it harder for you to pick healthy foods as the party continues. 

5. Enjoy the party 

"Mingling throughout the gathering will burn some extra calories, so leave the chair behind and work your way through every room. "

Don't think of the celebration as being about food – remember that it's also about spending time with friends and family. Socialize, catch up with loved ones and play games to distract yourself from indulging in unhealthy choices. Cleveland Clinic also noted that mingling throughout the gathering will burn some extra calories, so leave the chair behind and work your way through every room. 

6. Provide healthy options 
Offer to bring a dish to every party this year, and make sure it's not only something delicious, but something healthy as well. Guests will probably be relieved to see a fresh vegetable dish amidst rich, heavy, creamy options. If you're hosting a gathering, update your traditional holiday menu with some more nutritious options. If you typically eat red meat, for example, consider switching to salmon – not only is it tasty, it's high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. 

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Essential takeaways 

  • It can be hard to maintain a healthy diet during the holidays. 
  • Making time to exercise, eating before parties, surveying buffet tables, avoiding sugary drinks, taking time to socialize and bringing healthy food can all help you maintain proper nutrition. 
  • Make sure you consume enough omega-3 fatty acids in the face of unhealthy holiday foods by taking the premium supplement Omax3. 
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