Man receives cow heart tissue valve

Man receives cow heart tissue valve

Rick Sobeki of Toledo, Ohio, became the first person to ever receive a cow tissue heart valve in the U.S. following his successful open heart surgery in October. 

How did it work?
According to The Blade, doctors at Toledo Hospital replaced Sobeki's aortic valve with a bovine pericardial tissue heart valve during a three-hour long operation. The patient had a potentially fatal blockage and agreed to participate in the clinical study involving cow tissue with hopes of improving his health.

Sobeki's other options were a pig tissue valve, which functions but not for long, or a mechanical valve, which would increase his risk of having a stroke and require that he take blood thinning drugs. 

While only time will tell whether or not the cow tissue valve will be successful for patients in the long term, Sobeki is in the process of a healthy recovery and doctors seem hopeful that it will provide a new and better option to people living with heart disease. The speculated lasting time for this new innovation is approximately 15 years. Physicians at Toledo Hospital will be having regular check-ups with Sobeki to monitor his progress, noted The Blade. 

Keep your heart healthy 
According to the Mayo Clinic, there are a variety of ways you can reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Quit smoking and don't consume excessive amounts of alcohol or caffeine. Incorporate regular exercise into your routine and eat a healthy diet to reduce your chances of becoming obese, which can take a serious strain on the heart because it contributes to high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Make sure you're consuming plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, compounds that have been shown to improve heart health. 

Omega-3s can be found in foods like oily fish, whole grains, nuts and certain greens. They can also be consumed by taking a supplement like Omax3. Developed by doctors associated with Yale University, Omax3 contains 91 percent concentrated omega-3 and is the best choice for maximum human performance. 

Essential takeaways 

  • A man in Toledo, Ohio became the first person in the U.S. to receive a cow tissue heart valve. 
  • Doctors used the valve to replace his aortic valve, which had a potentially fatal blockage. 
  • Medical professionals hope the new valve will be a better option than pig tissue or mechanical valves. 
  • It's important to eat a healthy diet full of omega-3s to reduce your risk of developing heart disease.