Make sure your fish oil supplement is free of pollutants

Make sure your fish oil supplement is free of pollutants

Omega 3 supplements have been growing increasingly popular during the past decade. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a survey released in 2007 revealed that these products were the most widely used non-vitamin/non-mineral supplement among adults, and the second most consumed for children. Specifically, 10.9 million adults and 441,000 youngsters took omega 3 supplements during the 30 days prior to the survey.

Given the number of scientific studies that talk about omega 3 benefits, these statistics aren't surprising. Researchers are interested in how omega 3 can boost heart health, improve joint comfort, nourish the developing infant brain, support healthy eyes and more.

Still, consumers who want to enjoy the benefits of omega 3 need to be sure to buy only the best supplements from companies that care about the purity of their products. Otherwise, health enthusiasts may be ingesting a nasty surprise: pollution.

An article published by ScienceNews magazine discussed how several pollutants can accumulate in the fat of fish that are used for omega 3 supplements: polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins, mercury, brominated flame retardants and more. PCBs in particular are associated with long-term health complications, like cancer or reproductive issues.

To find out how big of a concern pollutants are for fish oil supplements, a team of researchers from the University of Antwerp evaluated more than 150 products. According to the news source, the scientists discovered that fewer toxins were found in supplements that used fish from cleaner waters, were manufactured through chemical-stripping processes and came from smaller fish, such as anchovies. This may be because smaller fish tend not to live as long as bigger species, such as salmon, and are thus less likely to have pollutants build up in their bodies.

Omax3 is top-of-the-line
Based on the findings from the University of Antwerp, it's easy to see why Omax3 is the best option for consumers. The oil contained in these supplements comes from anchovies and sardines, so it is already relatively clean to begin with. What miniscule volume of pollutants are left are then removed through a unique double molecular distillation process that is capable of stripping the oil of mercury, lead, PCBs, unhealthy saturated fat and other impurities. Each batch of Omax3 is twice-certified for purity and concentration.

Your family deserves the best, so why not buy the best? Omax3 is guaranteed to deliver potent and clean omega 3 fatty acids.