Fish Oil

doesn’t have to be fishy

Omax3 Ultra-Pure®:
the clear choice for your Omega-3

  • Highest Omega-3 Purity Available (93.9%)
  • NO Fishy Smell or Taste
  • Superior EPA/DHA Formula

Omax3 vs. Other Omega-3s

Don’t be fooled: Most omega-3 supplements contain only a small amount of the beneficial compounds EPA and DHA. What else is inside? Things you don’t want. Low grade fillers, saturated fats, and fishy byproducts which cause rancidity and indigestion. Make the right choice for your body. Choose Omax3 today.

Brand NO Contaminants NO Fishy Smell or Taste EPA/DHA per Dose
Leading 'XL' Omega Oil 300mg
Leading 'Mega' Krill Oil 90mg

Doctors Agree on the Benefits of Omega-3’s

I surveyed 125 of my non-surgical spine pain patients who I had also recommended to take Omega-3 fish oil supplements. The survey showed a surprising number
– 60% had obtained significant spine pain relief and almost the same amount
– 59% were able to stop taking NSAID pain medications and rely solely upon Omega-3 supplements for pain relief.

-Dr. J Maroon

  • 30-Day Supply

  • $47.95per box
  • box-art

    • Blister-packed for freshness
    • 45 grams of ultra-pure omega-3

Best Value!

Why switch to Omax3?

*Lipids in Normal Range. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Individual results will vary.

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