How to Kick Start
Your Keto Diet

By: Nick Ciavarella

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Truth Bomb: Losing Weight is Hard

If anyone tries to tell you otherwise they are lying through their skinny teeth. Since there isn’t one way to do it, finding the method that works for you is crucial. There’s a good chance you’ve tried a variety of methods and you may have even called a 1-800 number for a quick fix (we’re looking at you, abs stimulator electric pulse belt thing).

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One approach that has risen to prominence is the Keto diet, and for good reason. The Keto diet approaches weight loss from a very smart, scientifically backed method.

In a nutshell: When you consume carbs, your body produces glucose, which it will then convert to use as energy. However, because glucose is being used as the primary energy source, your body will take unneeded fats and store them away resulting in, well…fat.

By lowering your carb intake, your body will enter a state known as “ketosis,” and burn ketones as the primary energy source. This is where you start weight loss benefits, as well as increased physical and mental performance.

Omega-3s Amp Up Keto Diet

However, recent studies have shown that a hack does exist to maximize these benefits. By upping your omega-3 intake, you can give your Keto diet a well-needed boost. The reason is actually pretty simple. Not only do people who regularly consume omega-3 fatty acids generally have a lower body fat percentage, but by pairing your omega-3 intake with a Keto diet, researchers have found that triglyceride levels have seriously decreased.

In a recent study, overweight patients were asked to stick to a Keto diet for four weeks. At the conclusion of the study, the individuals who took fish oils during the diet saw an almost 20% decrease in their triglyceride levels.(1)

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These are results you can’t look past. But to really take advantage of these findings, finding the right fish oils are key. We highly recommend Omax3. It’s highly concentrated with omega-3 fatty acids, coming in at a whopping 93.3% pure compared to the 30% you’ll find in the top selling fish oil at the local drug store.

Omega-3 fish oil supplements like Omax3 also come with an array of benefits outside of weight loss. It’s clinically studied to increase mental clarity, cognition, and focus. It can also act as a natural anti-inflammatory, which can support joint and cardiovascular health. The list goes on and on.

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