Improve your mood with omega-3s

Improve your mood with omega-3s

Feeling down? A study, published by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, showed that increasing your omega-3 fatty acid intake could improve your mood. 

The research 
The study featured 106 healthy participants who took tests for impulsiveness, personality and depression. The volunteers also had their blood tested for omega-3 fatty acid levels. 

The results showed that those who scored a higher level of depression, a more negative outlook on life and a higher level of impulsiveness had fewer omega-3s in their blood streams. Those who had increased levels of omega-3s tested as happier and more agreeable. 

How it works 
The reason omega-3s improve mood could have to do with their role in increasing grey matter in the brain. Grey matter is associated with the parts of the brain responsible for behavior and mood, reported the University of Pittsburgh. In a study done by Pitt, researchers investigated the grey matter of 55 adult participants after assessing their omega-3 intakes. Using high-resolution structural MRIs, researchers determined that those who consumed more omega-3s had higher amounts of grey matter in the right amygdala, the bilateral anterior cingulate cortex and the right hippocampus – all areas responsible for emotional regulation and arousal. 

According to the study, levels of grey matter have shown to be greatly reduced in people suffering from major depressive disorder and other significant mood disorders. 

The University of Maryland noted that a diet heavy in omega-3s can benefit those suffering from clinical and post-partum depression as well, often when used with a prescription anti-depressant. Additionally, the source noted that omega-3s are speculated to be beneficial for supplementing bipolar medications.

How to get your omega-3s
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 Essential takeaways

  • Healthy adults can take omega-3s to improve their overall moods.
  • Omega-3s promote the creation of grey matter in parts of the brain that are responsible for regulating your mood. 
  • People who report feelings of depression and negativity typically consume fewer omega-3s and have less grey matter in mood-related sections of the brain.