Consuming omega-3s reduces smoking

Consuming omega-3s reduces smoking

A new study conducted at the University of Haifa and published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology revealed that increasing omega-3 consumption better enables people to quit smoking. 

Supplements prove more effective than other treatments 
The researchers looked at 48 smokers between the ages of 18 and 45 who smoked at least ten cigarettes every day for the past year. Most of the participants qualified as being moderately dependent on nicotine, and the majority of them picked up their smoking habits before the age of 18. Half of the subjects were given placebo pills, and the other half received omega-3 supplements. For 30 days, the participants consumed five capsules each day. They weren't specifically instructed to quit their smoking habit at any time. 

Before and after the study was completed, participants were checked for their levels of control over their tobacco use, number of cigarettes smoked every day and the anticipated relief that smoking would give them. At the start of the research, all participants scored relatively the same. After 30 days, the group taking omega-3 capsules had an 11 percent decrease in cigarette use in addition to significantly lower levels of nicotine cravings. The group not consuming actual supplements showed no difference at the end of the study. 

An additional 30 days after the research was completed, doctors checked back in with participants to see their smoking habits. Even though the omega-3 group hadn't taken supplements in a month, their cravings for cigarettes remained far lower than they had been at the start of the study. 

How omega-3s can help you 
In addition to having no side effects, omega-3s are an essential compound that boost your overall health. According to the study, cigarettes reduce the number of these compounds present in the brain. Since omega-3s contribute to decision making and craving management, smoking perpetuates a cycle of being addicted and not knowing how to kick the habit. By increasing omega-3 intake, brain health was boosted and people were better able to resist cravings and reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoked each day.

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Essential takeaways 

  • A new study from the University of Haifa and published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology showed a connection between increased omega-3 consumption and lower levels of smoking. 
  • Adult smokers were either given placebo pills or omega-3 supplements. Those who took the actual supplements showed a reduction in nicotine cravings and an 11 percent decrease in daily cigarette use. Those who took placebos had no difference. 
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