5 tips for keeping your brain sharp at any age

5 tips for keeping your brain sharp at any age

As you grow older, it's natural to worry about keeping your mind sharp. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary for a healthy brain. Incorporate these tips into your daily routine to help your mental state. 

1. Learn new things
Just because you've been out of school for years doesn't mean you should stop seeking out new information. Harvard Medical School reported that challenging yourself mentally helps maintain memory and communication amongst brain cells. Take up a new hobby outside of your usual comfort zone to keep your mind stimulated and your memory keen. 

2. Stay social 
According to The Mayo Clinic, a full social calendar can help maintain a bright mental state. Positive interaction with friends and family is shown to prevent stress, which is linked to memory loss. Mayo Clinic recommended making regular plans with others, especially for those who live alone. Try joining a club or setting up lunch dates with old friends. 

3. Eat right

  • What to eat more of: Certain foods can give your brain a healthy boost. Healthy fats, in particular, can help keep your mind sharp and focused. Women's Health Magazine reported that a 2012 study published by The Journal of Alzheimer's Research found that when more than 35 percent of your daily calories come from fat, you're 35 percent less likely to develop dementia or a mild cognitive impairment. Try incorporating an omega-3 supplement into your diet. A recent study done by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology noted that increasing your intake of berries to improve brain health as well. According to the study, berries help reduce toxic protein, which is associated with brain disease. 
  • What to eat less of: Women's Health Magazine recommended staying away from unhealthy foods such as saturated fats and sugar. These can have negative effects on your brain's insulin levels and potentially cause memory damage.

4. Exercise regularly 
Because physical activity helps the flow of blood to the brain, it's important to get moving, reported Mayo Clinic. Regular exercise is an crucial part of keeping your mind sharp and alert. If you aren't able to incorporate a full workout routine into your lifestyle, try to go for short walks, suggested the source. 

5. Get enough sleep 
Pay attention to your body's need for rest and relaxation. ABC News reported that taking naps and resting your mind can ultimately improve your memory and overall brain health. Mayo Clinic recommended that adults aim for seven to eight hours of sleep every night. 

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Essential Takeaways 

  • It's possible to maintain a sharp mind even while you age
  • Learn new things, stay social, eat right, exercise regularly and get enough sleep to keep your brain healthy.